Update: Pre-Lauch Halo:Infinite Weapon Thoughts (Gaming)

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I see you cheapLEY! FYI, you're on the internet, so you're wrong and I'm right. Sorry. Dems da rulz. NO back-cees. Furthermore, this isn't ever true for me, as I'm not actually here. You see I'm just a figment of your imagination. That's right, I'M NOT THE CRAZY ONE! YOU ARE!

In other words, the base Pulse Carbine still is, as it has been, hot garbage. Get Rekt, LOL. Thanks for coming to my TED Talk. ;D


So I've played "just a few" more games of Halo:Infinite, and so I've grown in certain appreciation of things. Furthermore, I've been playing around with controller settings, and that's helped a lot with some of the weapons. I'm still working on it, big thing right now is finding out what weapon has what zoom factor, as while some do show how much zoom is being shown, some don't. Makes personal tuning of weapon feel a bit touchy as a result.

Again, Destiny/Bungie has spoiled me here.

So here is what I said before, and an updated take.

Bulldog - This dog eats its own shit. If I see you with this, I can probably kick your ass with my own fists, before you can even down my shield. Then again, maybe that's the brilliance of it. Can't shotgun camp if the shotgun doesn't one or two tap.

This dog knows a trick that I've since learned; It's an auto-firing Rapid/Adaptive fire frame. (Side Note: You know you have played too much Destiny when you use Destiny terms for other games!) Thus, much like in Destiny, if you surprise someone with it, or use it for clean up, it does what it needs to do.

And yes, it can APPARENTLY two tap, but you have to be so close that if you don't have full shields, you might get a punch in the face that will make the shot gunning irrelevant. Not a fan, but get the trade off I guess. You can two tap with your fists as well so... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Stalker and Shock Rifle - Every time I pick this thing up, it just feels shit to use. I can't even critique its property, because I don't really know. It just feels awful to me. Only reason to pick up a shock rifle is if you need to stop a vehicle at range.

My use of these two was helped SIGNIFICANTLY by playing around with controller settings. Still not there yet, and aesthetically I have some words with the "DMR" Stalker, but all in all my criticisms have been largely fixed by playing around with controller settings.

Cindershot - This Power weapon has this odd grayness to it, that I don't know how to word. Something is missing.

This thing is very alien, so good job! It's very hybrid grenade/rocket launcher, and my biggest criticism is that even though it's a heavy I don't really know where the area of effect in its damage is happening. I don't know what "type" of projectile it is supposed to be, but it needs some ground/impact detail to show that "something big happens here" instead of just... Jubilee VFX.

Plasma Pistol - Doesn't stop vehicles anymore.

Shock damage does this now, I know, but this is frankly one of the most jarring changes that needs rectifying somehow. It's been a thing since Halo 2, and for it to not be there is... it hurts, for lack of a better word.

How many folks here have seen someone try to zap you with a charged Plasma Bolt, only to watch their horror as you keep on coming their way? I got mixed emotions man.


One more thing. It MAY be considered a spoiler by some of y'all who are REEEEEEEally touchy about anything the might even slightly touch the single player experience. So there you are, that's the warning. But really... naaa.

Did you note I mentioned "base Pulse Carbine" above? That's because in Halo:Infinite there are variants of weapons. You may have seen this if you have watched any single player previews. Did you know YOU CAN TEST OUT THESE WEAPONS RIGHT NOW!!! (Don't expect this to be patched per how you're able to get your hands on these, but you never know.)

Some of them feel SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good to use. Some of them are BROKEN AF. Some of them are just cool! Even the Pulse Carbine feels suddenly worth using.

Go to Custom Games > Mode Editor > Mode and select with-in the 343 Options Fiesta:Slayer (it's on the second page). Now Mode Editor again > Sandbox and turn on "Weapon Racks/Placements" and "Power Weapon Pads".

That's it! It's random but from those pads you can get your hands on the "upgraded" kit. And wow, it's something. Have fun!

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