Wort wort wort! (Gaming)

by MacAddictXIV @, Seattle WA, Tuesday, November 23, 2021, 10:14 (880 days ago) @ cheapLEY

Shotguns feel very week. Not a one hit kill. Therefor they aren't a counter to the sword. I have tried several times to use the Heatwave and maybe have gotten 1 kill with it. Same experience with the Disrupter. Plasma pistol doesn't stall vehicles from what I have seen. Hydra takes too many shots to kill for the time it takes to lock on and reload. The commando feels like a nerfed DMR.

Shotgun is a two hit kill at point blank. Also one shot plus a melee. Still a decent Sword counter, you just have to hit them first. I maintain that if you let a Sword get into kill range, you fucked up somehow either in awareness or positioning. The shotgun is also pretty good at decent ranges. It’s a three hit kill fairly far out.

Yes, remember that the hammer and swords are power weapons, they are meant to be one hit kills. Shotguns are not.

The Disruptor stole the plasma pistol’s ability to stall vehicles. It takes a few shots. It’s also a damage over time weapon. It eats shields. It’s great for team fire, as it also sparks to other nearby players. I was using it to great effect in a BTB CTF last night. I can tag multiple people with it while my team finishes them off.

If you hit someone 6 times with the disruptor pistol they will die from damage over time. It takes at least 3 hits before the DoT goes into affect. Also, the gun fires really fast if you spam the trigger and basically has no bloom or anything.

The Heatwave is admittedly difficult to use, but it’s powerful. It shoots six pellets per shot, it takes 12 to kill. It’s great in cramped hallways.

I’ve seen lots of people say the Ravager is shit, but it’s also useful. If you hold the trigger and charge a shot it’s fairly powerful and also coats a fairly large area with fire. It’s great for closing down routes, and I’ve successfully stopped flag or oddball recoveries by just painting the area with fire.

Hydra is great on the big team maps. The non-locked on firing mode is more powerful, but the tracking it great if you catch someone out in the open. Again, I’ve had a lot of luck killing flag carriers with it—if you’re locked on you can curve the rockets around cover.

Also, it can be kinda treated as a sniper in larger maps, even though it doesn't have a zoom, because you can just "fire and forget" by easily lobbying rockets in a perfectly straight line towards your enemy and it does okay splash damage.

The biggest “problem” (if you can call it that) is that the AR/Sidekick combo is such a fucking workhorse, you barely need to even consider picking anything else up.

Yeah, I feel like picking up weapons give you 10-20% advantage in a specific situation which can be overcome by skill. Where as the AR/Sidekick are good in almost every situation.

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