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I got a new job just over a month ago. At my old job, I had more time and flexibility to check this sort of stuff out. Ever since you posted this, I've been pecking away at the articles and the posts in this thread. It's taken a while. This also means my retention of everything isn't great....but this is my lasting takeaway.

It seems like Destiny has had an identity crisis from day one. Just endless flip-flops.

Is it a shooter?
Is it an MMORPG?
Are you sure it's not an MMORPG?
Yes we promise.
Ok it's an MMORPG.
Is it a AAA release one time purchase?
Is it a free to play game?
It's both?
...but are there seasonal passes? and expansions?
Yes...it's all those things.
Ok but can I play the new seasons for free?
So what part is free?
You can run around the planets.
And do what?
Nothing, unless you pay for stuff.

And so on.
This seems to continue into the game itself. Is it a game for casuals? Is it a game for hardcores?

They spend so much time making raids and social events. But then near the launch of Destiny 2, one of the reveal videos gave a stat saying that an EXTREMELY low percentage of Destiny players had completed a raid. So maybe the player base is more casual? Then they call in streamers to help mold the game. I would say that streamers are typically in the "hardcore" realm, so they are making the game for the hardcore player base?

In the recent reveal they are talking about a matching system where you can give players awards to help them match up with other players for events. Ok, so the game is still full of casual players who are just faffing about? So the player base of full of faffy casuals, and the game is full of hardcore group activities? What is being made here?


I'm still bitter about the constant fashion shows, and customization talks when my Hunter STILL looks like a doofus. They have improved a lot of things in this regard since launch...but let's face it. Player customization (in all games) is no longer a fun things on the side, it's what makes the micro-money.


There is an awesome story to be told here! How should we tell it? Ooh, let's make these "lore cards" with cool images and story tidbits that players can collect and read and absorb all this good story. Hey that's a good idea. Oh, but let's put them on our website...not in the game. Hm...well, ok.
(fast forward)
Ok, we admit...the lore cards on website was silly. We put it all in the game now.


Check this out ya'll, weapon and armor collections. Now when you get gear, you can see everything you collected, and pick it back up.
Edit: You can't pick anything back up.
Edit: You can pick some things up.
Edit: No, you can't pick anything back up.
Nevermind all that, we are getting rid of a bunch of stuff.
Well, not getting rid of it, it's just going away for a while.
Ok, that stuff is coming back.
We are getting rid of getting rid of stuff.
Edit: You can't pick anything back up.


Check out this sweet trailer for Witch Queen. It's got guardians patrolling a rain forrest area, except it's on old city. It's like a cool new area we've never seen before!

Witch Queen releases: [FILE NOT FOUND]
Is her throne world area supposed to be this? Because I definitely didn't connect those dots.


I think I've been nibbling your INSANEbits too long because I'm losing track of my own post and thought process. I guess what I'm on about is, I don't ever, EVER remember watching a trailer or reading an article of (Destiny era) Bungie telling me something and it fully being followed through in-game.

The game is huge! It's huge!!!!! Think about how huge this game is!!! And it works and it's fun to play! And no matter what they do, we are going to complain about it.

"What's up with the cyberpunk theme? pft"
"It the same hive enemies just with an icy skin"
"It's the same fallen enemies, just with peg legs"

Btw, the wool isn't over my eyes, I recognize the new missions this season as old recycled lost sectors, just with different skins! Shame on you Bungie!! How about you give us something new!!

"What's up with the cyberpunk theme? pft"

Know what's fun? Booting up Destiny and shooting aliens in the face.

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