Post "Lightfall Reveal" Rant (Destiny)

by Kermit @, Raleigh, NC, Friday, September 16, 2022, 13:54 (676 days ago) @ INSANEdrive

Unlike Game of Thrones and Star Wars, I don't think they've screwed the pooch yet (though they have gotten dangerously close to the pooch with the, um, screwing device).

They already have, multiple times in these last 8 years. The difference here is, the creation treadmill doesn't stop. If they screw up too much, in most cases, it can get patched. Just... make the ending of this saga good, right? THEN we'll see.

We are talking about story, right? Not imbalances, experiments gone wrong, etc. The low point for me was when Destiny released, and gap between what we got and my expectations.

Indeed. From "That Wizard Came From the Moon" to Curse of Osiris, and maybe little after that, the in-game story work was filled with high and low and really low points.

When you mentioned patching it, I thought you were talking about gameplay missteps that qualify as "screwing the pooch." Except for the initial disappointment, I don't see the Destiny story as being where they've "screwed the pooch." On that we might disagree.

Seems like there has been a "phone tag" sort of mismatch. "Get Patched" does seem a touch on the short term, doesn't it?

In the broadest sense, all I'm talking about is consistency, hence in part my referencing in the main rant to the "end caps" (S8/Sequel) in both Game of Thrones & Star Wars, which both had terrible bouts of consistency. Perhaps even nonexistent. A hopefully not TOO relevant comparison, as we come into what is(?) the end cap for this generation of Destiny Story.

Screwed the pooch yet? They did in their early years. But unlike Movies, this is a "live game". "The creation treadmill doesn't stop". (Hence how in these last few years they have become/hired folks who are better and better at creating a story for their needs.)

And so, for our little conversation here, while the answer I have to give could be actually "both", for this instance here, the concern is Story. I hope that helps. Maybe.

Yeah, and then there's the issue of execution. I think the Grimoire have been consistently good, starting at the beginning with Seth. Does that count as story? Xenos told me that every time he unlocked a Grimoire card, he stopped the game and read it. In his case, I think the answer would be yes.

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