Sad Indeed (Destiny)

by Kermit @, Raleigh, NC, Wednesday, December 06, 2023, 11:08 (84 days ago) @ Robot Chickens

It’s a shame (and very understandable) that morale is this low. Lately, Bungie has been delivering great content.

The reprise of Crota was fantastic
Season of the Witch was really good
The Coil activity is fun and has a firefight element that adds some challenge
Warlord’s Ruin had great atmosphere and was a perfect challenge level the whole way through
Going back another season, I loved the Season of the Deep, but I may be alone in that enthusiasm.

If Lightfall was bad enough that it killed Destiny/Bungie, that’s saying something (I personally thought the story was the worst thing Bungie has written since Halo 3’s “to war” line).

Everything bad that we read may be true, but I'm sure that everything we read is far from everything there is. I work for a big software company. Whether it's the best company ever or total shit depends greatly on who you ask, but it's easy to get testimonies for both points of view--especially the latter if you know where to look because the latter is the coin of the internet realm.

I mean no offense to people who I like to call friends, but it's interesting to me that the people who seem most eager to "share the good news," as the evangelists used to say, are people who don't play anymore or who show up when there's this kind of thing to share. Not to get too psychoanalytical, but it's almost if they need or want public vindication for how they've chosen to spend their time--especially from those who have chosen differently. And I say good news because it feels like it might be that. I mean, who wants to be the guy who swore off buying gold when the price rebounds and starts breaking records. For that guy a gold crash is vindication.

TL;DNR The new dungeon is fun, y'all.

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