Playing for 'fun' is still possible, it just seems harder (Destiny)

by Kermit @, Raleigh, NC, Friday, December 08, 2023, 11:14 (78 days ago) @ Revenant1988

And our monkey brains LOVE it. All of modern gaming has simply become our version of a Boomer's slot machine in a casino. The lights go off, a sound chimes, and a 'lil dopamine gets released even when you lose. Just enough to keep you playing.

Wow! Twice in one thread such ageist rhetoric is casually deployed. That can get you into real trouble. In all seriousness, I know you weren't trying to be too derogatory. I'm not the biggest fan of the boomer generation, although I'm on the border of it. Such labels cut against my philosophy to judge individuals by how they are rather than what they are, but when talking about cultural trends (as you are), they sure are convenient.

If it didn't work, it wouldn't sell. But it does. The model hasn't really changed fundamentally.

Arcade games had to be balanced in such a way that they are fun to play, but get you to keep spending quarters.
Home console gaming in theory made it cheaper but for every Super Mario or Sonic the Hedge Hog, there was an Atari ET or Superman 64. If you bought a shit game, that was it. If you bought a hit, well that was in your favor. Hours\days\years of entertaiment on that purchase, all the vendor can do is sell more units of the game, but once you have it they can't make more money off you. Darn!

Online gaming (minus that golden era of peer-to-peer) puts favor back to the Arcade, er, Studio\publisher... the Casino, as it were.

Doing anything, anywhere, feels like this these days.

Hilarious, but sadly true.

It really does feel like some company somewhere is literally trying to make money off me every minute I actually exist.

Many gamers are spoiled brats these days, for sure. Yet, they\we keep perpetuating the cycle. No incentive to change, I guess. Remember when McDonalds was cheap? Still making billons off people.

When people say "vote with your wallet!" it's such a crock of shit, because clearly not enough people are actually doing that lol. They complain and keep spending.


I guess the main reason I wanted to reply to you is to agree\vent but to say that these days, when I do find time for gaming it really is for the pursuit of fun. I've been having a blast with MCC and Infinite and I chase nothing. Not a thing, except wanting to win the match. Yeah, I see the news about SBMM woes (for many games) and that gaming feels 'sweatier' has some truth to it (save us, Max Hobermen of the world) when you tune out all the in-game stores, cosmetics and hooplah, games are still fun. Playing with the right people helps. Or playing old favorites, like you'd eat a comfort meal.

Max Hobermen of the world. 👏

If you can make it past the slot machines sometimes the Casino has a great kitchen.

Hope you're doing well, Rev. Say hello to your better half.

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