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by Korny @, Dalton, Ga. US. Earth, Sol System, Thursday, December 07, 2023, 09:16 (82 days ago) @ kidtsunami

Eh. I'd say the game is in an "okay" spot. Content updates continue to be pretty meager and certain game modes continue to be pretty much neglected. They just killed Gambit earlier this year.

I'd say the things they add are more significant than anything in the Halo days, and yet we never complained about any lack of content like you see online nowadays (for any game, not just Destiny).

The difference? Community content. Every day we had new custom games to play, new screenshots, new maps, machinima, puzzles, montages, and so on. Tools like Forge, Theater, and Customs allowed Bungie to outsource the work of bringing new content to the game, completely for free, to the players themselves. And we loved it.

TL;DR - Destiny needs Forge, Theater, and Customs.

Even today, everyone's hatred of 343 not withstanding, it's wild seeing what the community is doing with Forge in Halo Infinite.

I’d argue that 343 has hit its No Man’s Sky threshold. People are finally happy with the state of Halo Infinite (store prices and bundles notwithstanding), and the addition of things that should have been in the game at launch are finally being met with celebration rather that this-should-have-been-in-the-game-at-launch-isms.

This week alone saw the initial launch of a proper Firefight mode, more coatings have been made cross-core, and the networking is receiving significant improvements. And with stuff like cross-core shoulders and some as-yet-unrevealed content being teased, I think we’re looking at a healthy relationship between 343 and its community finally being the norm.

Say what you will about how hard 343 pivots to cater to the vocal fans, but at least it’s finally paying off. Infinite’s population has never been more consistently active. Now we just need ODST 2 and I’ll declare them the better Halo dev.

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