Halo: Season 2 Thoughts (Fan Creations)

by breitzen @, Kansas, Monday, March 25, 2024, 14:40 (30 days ago) @ ManKitten
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It's episode 8, not 7.

But I was right. And it's the season finale, which stinks.

What an episode. Sons-a-bickses getting me all excited and having to wait a year to see what happens next.

If it hasn't been obvious, I totally have a crush for Master Chief and this episode was, as the kids say, gas.

They even had the same* music playing when you discover The Flood in the game

Not the exact same, but inspired by and pretty darn close to the same

Someone talk about this with me, cmon now!

I think this season made serious improvements to the show. I struggle with some of the decisions they've made, but I get it; this isn't The Last of Us. lol Overall the show was a solid middle of the ground. Some cool moments that were neat to see in a Halo show, but ultimately feels like slightly bigger-than-normal budget sci-fi show.

Here are my pros/cons.



Finally, John is a weird pro/con for me. I like the actor as Master Chief, BUT I think he's poorly written and I'm confused on his motivations by the end of Season 2.

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