[Polygon] What does Destiny Offer That's New & Different (Destiny)

by Malagate @, Sea of Tranquility, Monday, April 28, 2014, 14:45 (3647 days ago) @ SonofMacPhisto

Lots of good information in there. Sounds like Bungie has learned to play their instruments, got some experience under their belt, and are looking to write their hit album, their Joshua Tree. Glad to see the focus on execution, not reinventing the wheel.

Reactions so far:

-I want to see how widely-ranging the weapon styles will be. In the past I've loved little touches on things like the Spiker and Mauler (leather-wrapped, pointy bits, drum-fed) that gave them such personality in performance as well as aesthetics. Borderlands' reloading animations were always lots of fun, break-loading or dropping big fat shell casings. I want to see what Destiny has in that department. Mainly nasty close-range weapons. Lots of those. Thus far it doesn't look like we'll be picking up enemy weapons, so I want to see what kind of personality we'll get out of our toys.

-I really, really, want to see more vehicles.

-I'm really happy to see new Fallen tech.

-Supers are gorgeous.

And with regard to this snippet from Kotaku's coverage[emphasis mine]:

"...we're taken out into icy alien steppes in an attempt to find beacons or a patrol job. As the Guardian explores their surroundings, I'm taken aback by how empty the game feels—the landscape looks vast, exudes a silent sadness."



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