The DBO Challenge - Week 1: Write a haiku.

by Mid7night ⌂ @, Rocket BSCHSHCSHSHCCHGGH!!!!!!, Thursday, March 14, 2013, 09:13 (4060 days ago) @ ncsuDuncan

In this brave new world

Who will be our Destiny?

Guardians Wanted

Traveller, thankful

Weariness hangs over all

Why did you save us?

Guardianis fortis

Per audacia ad astra

Eventum latet

(I know you might think the second line has 8 syllables, but near as I can figure, in latin, "audacia" is actually pronounced "oww-da-chya", not "oww-da-see-ah".)

It also kinda works in english:

Guardians strong with

Audacity to the stars

The outcome hidden

Actually, THIS was the first one I wrote...then I realized I wasn't on HBO anymore and "relevant to this community" has a whole new meaning here... XD

For a brick flew he

"Pretty good" was the high praise

No craters in space

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