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Destiny Updates breaks down the podcast

Destiny Updates took his time and broke down the Bungie Podcast - his summary boils down the hourlong discussion to an 11 minute series of highlights. As always, he's done a fantastic job of paying close attention and teasing interesting tidbits from Bungie's intentionally vague hints, tying together older info with new content. Go give it a watch!

Claude Errera | Sep 28, 2013 05:28 am | link

Inside the mind of an artist

This post by Levi is absolutely worth your time if you have any interest at all in how artists work. He's taken his 'Brothers in Arms' piece (we're using it as our Twitter background) and broken down the creation process - how he laid it out, why certain parts look they way they do, that sort of thing. I'm not an artist - but this fascinated me. And it's full of pretty pictures - well, one pretty picture, in a large variety of forms. (I do have one bone to pick with him - he insults what might be the finest-tasting cola in the US, for no good reason. I forgive him, though, because he draws so amazingly well...) Check it out!

Claude Errera | Mar 24, 2013 10:06 pm | link

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