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Esoterickk Solos Harder-Mode Crota's End

Esoterickk (remember him?) returns with yet another mind-blowing solo run, this time beating the updated Crota's End in its entirety. What's even more astonishing than the fact that the updated raid launched just yesterday afternoon, is the fact that a number of mechanics were added specifically to make it all but impossible to solo. How he gets around these mechanics (hint: he's a Warlock) is half the fun of watching the run, so check it out! Thanks, Schedonnardus!

Korny | Mar 29, 2017 09:12 am | link

Vault of Farce: Food For Thought

Thanks Stuntmutt!
Leviathan | Apr 3, 2015 09:45 am | link

Want some inspiration? Look here.

I've always been amazed by the creativity of fans - and today, I was floored again. Two different players took on the Crota raid, solo... and performed two different, jaw-dropping feats. sc Slayerage, who posts on YouTube as The Legend Himself, solo'd the entire raid in 16 minutes (from spawn to Crota's death). And The HM05 solo'd the raid... with no guns. (Melees and grenades - and sword hits, of course - only.) We've posted sc Slayerage's full run, and The HM05's Crota section... but CruelLEGACEY linked us to the other sections of this run (the Abyss, the Bridge, and the Deathsinger) - you should check those out, as well.

TAGS: crota, solo
Claude Errera | Mar 9, 2015 07:04 pm | link

Let's Play Destiny Co-Op #47: End of Crota Part 4

Rampancy has now reached the true embodiement of Crota and begin their attempts at taking him down.

Leviathan | Feb 17, 2015 10:00 am | link

Let's Play Destiny Co-Op #46: Ir Yût Deathsinger

Rampancy continues their campaign to finish Crota's End in part 3 of their Raid videos.

"Another witch has crossed our path-- Ir Yut, the Deathsinger. Until we defeat her, we cannot attack Crota. We have to survive her dark liturgy of ruin."

Leviathan | Feb 15, 2015 01:36 pm | link

Crota Timer Makes Raiding Easier

Man Up Time, a small development studio founded by old-school Bungie fan (and staffer) Bruce Morrison, has released an iPhone app called 'Crota Timer'. It's free, and it does exactly what it's supposed to do - it makes it simple to figure out when Crota moves. Go grab a copy!


TAGS: crota, timer, app
Claude Errera | Feb 13, 2015 04:06 pm | link

Crota: The Light Eater

This is pretty amazing - YouTube user TerraMantis has put together the story of Crota, the Light Eater, in a seriously beautiful way. It's a tale told with content from Bungie-released videos, self-recorded gameplay, Grimoire cards, and just plain creativity. It's the linear tale as Bungie wrote it, but didn't provide to us. Go watch. Thanks to Blackt1g3r for finding it.

TAGS: crota, story
Claude Errera | Feb 4, 2015 03:56 pm | link

The Blades of Crota Have Invaded!

Ooh, looks like there was more to yesterday's update than what the patch notes suggested! Reports are filtering in from Guardians across the Cosmodrome; they speak of dark rituals, Blades of Crota, and relics. Check it out! (Thanks to JDQuackers in the forum)

Beorn | Dec 2, 2014 07:43 am | link

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