I just had a horrible thought. (Destiny)

by petetheduck, Thursday, February 11, 2016, 22:46 (3030 days ago) @ dogcow

I'll be excited when Bungie drops the treadmill act and gives us custom games and Grognok. In the mean time, I guess I'll suffer through this future expansion, because everyone knows I'll be playing it and will probably enjoy it despite Bungie's best efforts.

I just had a horrible thought concerning custom games & forge. Perhaps Bungie hasn't/won't allow them because doing so would interfere with their ability to give us the carrot of timed / bungie customized PvP events. Perhaps it's not a technical reason, perhaps it's all about player investment, and that sucks.

I think the best reason Bungie could give for not providing custom games at the moment is that as soon as they do, people will organize tournaments. If Destiny isn't ready for competitive play, due to issues like weapon balance, then those tournaments will eventually fail.. and when those balance problems are eventually fixed, it will be hard to regain the momentum and excitement to get Destiny on the competitive scene again.

If I wanted Destiny to succeed as a competitive game that features tournaments and the like, I would hold back custom games until I was confident it was ready. Bungie really still doesn't know what it is doing with Destiny.

But yes, like you said, Bungie isn't telling us that Destiny should be played because it is fun. They are telling us to play it for loot and progression. And custom games and Forge are at odds with Destiny's design.

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