5? (Destiny)

by Kahzgul, Monday, February 15, 2016, 15:34 (3027 days ago) @ Durandal

Zombies, Campaign, Campaign with zombies, PVP? What am I missing?

I'm a CoD fanboy and I'm not sure what the 5 modes would be either.

I really don't see much more then an evolution in the COD series. They always add in a bit from other big PVP titles, so it was inevitable they would add super abilitys (several very similar to Destiny's) and movement modes (from Titanfall).

Pretty much every CoD is written from scratch, though they obviously have a feature set they like to keep and evolve (I know this because I worked for Treyarch back in the day). It's really not too different from Halo --> Destiny.

I find the PVP to be just as filled with lag, weapons balance issues and wonky hit detection as anything in Destiny, and then you add in the killstreaks which are supposed to turn near contests into overwhelming lopsided matches and you have a recipe for frustration.

Man, I have to disagree here. My CoD pvp experience is worlds better than Destiny. When I shoot someone, they die. When I get killed, I know who killed me and what my mistake was. Every time. And you can't earn killstreaks in a near contest, because if you die, your counter resets.

Judged against other COD games it's great, against Destiny it's a long slog grind with ugly skins, a terrible community, and even less variety.

I'm with you until the variety part. CoD chat is like Barrens chat. It's awful and I always turn it off first thing. But the game has huge variety. Also, because every player has access to every weapon and mod for those weapons, it's a completely open playing field and fundamentally fair. If X is the best class, then you can just play as X. Is Y the best gun? No sweat, unlock Y next. Fair! Destiny is... the opposite of that. I know precious few people with "perfect" rolls on even a single weapon, let alone a full loadout. Let alone a full loadout at 320 light. With armor that has the right perks and stats. And those little changes make all the difference sometimes.

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