Destiny MLG? I don't think it can happen (Destiny)

by General Vagueness @, The Vault of Sass, Friday, February 12, 2016, 17:23 (3029 days ago) @ Revenant1988
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I disagree that this would be the reason there are no custom games.


At that point Destiny isn't really Destiny anymore.

You said it better than I could.

Theoretically, you could possibly make these "MLG" weapons and armor stats separate and unaffected by changes to the general sandbox when they nerf shotguns for the 999th time, but would this be a playlist that comes around every so often, or is it there all the time?

To be competitive, Destiny would need to be SuperSmashBros-Final Destination map-Fox only.

Which is boring.

I think maybe they could do something like that and have it be a different kind of fun, in the same way that Halo or other shooters are a different kind of fun. I especially think there's a lot to the suggestion of having everyone on the same class, maybe the same subclass too. Maybe they could disable exotics, but some of the Vault of Glass armor and even some old blue-tier armor are still pretty strong without leveled damage, and I think turning that on makes things more unbalanced and less fair because it's down to RNG, although probably less now with how the current hard mode raid is.

But then again, Smash does have custom games soooooooo...





Just checking that last box would mean a guaranteed purchase from me, and it's the only thing I can think of that would do that.

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