Owl Sector - ARG (Destiny)

by Old Fire Thief @, Silverton, OR, Friday, September 16, 2016, 01:45 (2114 days ago)

So iit seems like the ARG mentioned in the splendor post below is official. For those who need a TL:DR for the posts below essentially doing different game activites throughoutdestiny can grant a player with temporary buffs which provide bonus xp. These can be transferred by shooting an "infected" player, or resing their ghost in pve.

On owlsector.bungie.net it appears that they are tracking the number of instances, for some end TBD (not crota).

My question is has anyone found a coorelation between game activity and infected particles? It seems to me that the pie chart on owlsector.bungie.net shows (5) buffs and their relative percentages "infected" in the game universe over time. This leads me to believe there are (5) different methods for getting infected. Each with a separate strain, some obviously more popular than others. This could be (5) playable spaces, earth, moon, venus, mars, dreadnought, but that would seem to balanced (if they were crucible maps also).

My guess is each strain relates to one of the five activites on the director (crucible weekly playlist, crucible type, daily mission, heroic strike, nightfall). That would account for the vast discrepency in infection types, as well as the general trend over time. Can anyone remember being a patient zero for any infection (didnt get it from someone) and where they were?


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