Owl Sector - ARG (Destiny)

by Ragashingo ⌂, Official DBO Cryptarch, Friday, September 16, 2016, 12:24 (2456 days ago) @ Old Fire Thief

Magnificence 2.0:
Report of Bypass Authority Berriole, OS-I6 2, for Owl Sector records, assigned to incident TRANSMISSION.

Nothing unusual to report during approach and landing. Standard Cabal and Vex presence, still in conflict, and easily evaded. I was drawn to signs of disturbance in a section marked as unexplored. Following those signs, and unlocking the doors in my path, I climbed five floors to a derelict laboratory with a view of the rosy plains and a computer half buried in dust.


I love these vintage rigs. So graceful. So elegant. Mementos of a brighter time. They tend to be banged around a bit before I get my hands on them, but this one was pristine. I powered it up, ran a few traces and queries, and brought up the last authentication: one Dr. Shirazi, a scientist, working for Willa Bray. Something secret. The hashed password is twice the average length. I will submit my next report when I have cracked it.

We know from the item description for In Good Temper (a step in a quest but I don't remember which one) that:

"The unique datastatic structure of relic crystals inspired Doctor Willa Bray to develop the first engram matter-encryption techniques during the Golden Age." —Ghost

And Bungie has previously stated that SIVA has a lot to do with engram tech.

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