More on Glory 2.1 and debts to Clovis Bray. (Destiny)

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From the (currently newest log added to the Glory 2.1 transcripts:

Owl Sector Debrief to Ikora Rey, OS-I6 4

SHU: Have you seen this?

Patient E, Jun, has been uncooperative. Laughed unpleasantly when I told him he would receive Glory 2.1.

"You're running prototypes in parallel because it's cheaper and faster," he said. "No ethics board on Earth would approve. But I don't have a choice. I’m neck-deep in debt to Clovis Bray."

I wish we had tweaked these elixirs to modify disposition.

IR: You wished to introduce me to your Golden Age analogue?
SHU: Ha. Ha. No, I thought you'd be interested in Jun. This kind of coercion isn't a known Clovis Bray practice.
IR: Not in the books you read, perhaps.
SHU: But it's in the record?
IR: It's in the record.

We in fact do have at least one other record of Clovis Bray coercing someone who is in debt to them. From Cadye-6's notes in Treasure Island:

Afterwards, fuming. Clovis Bray sends me a bill for the hull damage. My fault the target put a blast wall between us. My fault thugs went wrong and we had to let our rifles do the talking.

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I tear the packet open. Tattered prices of the envelope drift to the floor.

Surprise. It's not just a bill. There's a job offer tucked in. Seems old Bray's been looking for someone like me. Willing to forgive my debt, and not just for the orbital station.
All of it.

Suddenly, I ain't so mad anymore.

Clovis Bray, the mega corp, and the various members of the Bray family had their hands in a lot of things. Interestingly, their influence seems extend all way from the Golden Age, where Willa Bray helped develope engram technology, to even as recent as the battle of Twilight Gap where Ana Bray fought as a Hunter. Is that just luck or fate, or did the Bray family somehow manage to exert influence beyond the collapse of the Golden Age?

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