Owl Sector - ARG (Destiny)

by Ragashingo ⌂ @, Official DBO Cryptarch, Saturday, September 17, 2016, 16:52 (2074 days ago) @ Durandal

From the latest Magnificent 2.0:

I can see them now. Blue beadlike or beelike particles swarming around Patient A's head. I wonder what took me so long.

This effect was not intentional. We directed the nanoparticles to strengthen the subject's immune system, reinforce skeletons, exoskeletons, joints, and musculature, and accelerate synapse and logic board signaling. This should all have been invisible and internal. What does it mean?

And from Splendor 2.6:

Records of the Vanguard, OS-I6 4

Transmitted from Owl Sector's Bypass Authority, Dust Palace, Mars.


Patient C reports yellow artifacts on the edge of her vision but remains excited about the potential of this project. She argued for taking strength and intelligence tests three times a day rather than daily. I saw no harm in this. There were clear improvements in her performance six hours after injection, in line with results from the other conscious patients.

This innovative therapy holds great promise for our colonization program. We can cut years off the construction timetable of a city. We can reduce the decompression and adjustment period of new colonists. This is a world-changing study, and I am glad to have such a motivated subject.

So... some kind of all around nanotechnology booster? But why inject people or whatever? Do Frames or Exos not exist? Maybe not Exos yet (as my theory has them being pushed into development to combat a Vex incursion on Venus later on) but surely Frames by this point.

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