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by Pyromancy @, discovering fire every week, Friday, September 16, 2016, 20:25 (2070 days ago) @ Pyromancy

In the past we have gathered sensor mites. Any relation to tech mites?
There is not much to go off of here. These were harvested off dead enemies when they were killed and were never characterized by an item or icon I don't believe. The bounty tracker counter just added up the total as you went I think.


Also in the Destiny world 'Tech' is an often used abbreviation for Techeun. Any relation there? The distinction here may be the lower case 't' used so far in OwlSector/THAB vs. the capital 'T'?

Unrelated: A few days/weeks ago I noticed an image I don't remember ever seeing before on Frank Cap' III's Art Station. It is labeled as Tech Witch's Inter-face.

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