Owl Sector - ARG (Destiny)

by Speedracer513 @, Dallas, Texas, Friday, September 16, 2016, 03:01 (2114 days ago) @ Old Fire Thief

I've been watching some of the main Destiny Streamers on Twitch pretty much since the ARG started this afternoon. There is obviously a lot to be discovered still, but in reply to some of your conjecture, there are a few things that seem pretty certain so far...

There is no set way to get each infection. They are not tied to locations or gametypes or methods of getting a kill. Any of them can be contracted in the same manner. They seem to be tied to some sort of transfer of light (generally kills) between guardians - whether that is killing an enemy with a super (in which case you contract the infection(s) that guardian had), or picking up orbs from one of your teammate's kills, or getting a melee kill.

Once you have contracted one (or more) infections in whatever crucible match or strike you were in when you got it, you will not be able to contract any more (at least not yet). There is some speculation that it is intended that we will be able to contract one more infection per day up until RoI releases - and with five days and five infections, that is a plausible guess. But if you get one in a crucible match, no amount of playing in any gametype will give you another one - at this point at least. (It is possible to get multiples at once - but there is still no proof that you can get another one after you got your initial infection(s)).

There are many people that think (and I tend to agree with this theory) that it is not actually intended that we be able to get more than one per day. Everyone that has gotten multiple infections got them pretty much simultaneously - generally from killing multiple people with one super or picking up a friendly orb that was generated by a super that killed multiple people. So, it might be a "bug" that many people have gotten more than one at a time.

It appears that 'Magnificence' has only been spread on the Xbox so far, while 'Splendor' has only spread on the Playstation. The other three are spreading throughout both systems. (This was the case as of a few hours ago at least, and I believe that hasn't changed yet).

The owlsector.bungie.net website is updating more or less every hour, showing how much each infection is spreading, and text transmissions appear to be unlocking (on the "Owl Sector Records" page) as each infection hits certain pre-determined thresholds.

As of the time of this post, there are posts unlocked under 'Brilliance', 'Splendor', and 'Magnificence' - with 'Brilliance' having had a second post unlocked most recently. If you look closer at the squares next to each infection, it appears that those are loading bars. ('Brilliance' with two posts is currently a thicker bar than either 'Splendor' or 'Magnificence' with one each, and the other two are empty (with no posts as of yet). This leads us to believe that each of the five will eventually have several paragraphs of text unlocked as the infections spread more and more throughout the weekend.

Much of the text unlocked so far refers to specific locations and characters such as Clovis Bray and Rasputin. (Also, it is interesting to note that "OWL" stands for "Orbital Weapon Lancet" and the whole theme of this is very related to Rasputin and the warminds and the advance of SIVA technology). However, even though the text seems to point to in-game locations, after hours and hours of digging in those locations, no one has been able to trigger anything that leads to any additional clues. I am willing to bet that there will be some in-game locations and events unlocking throughout the weekend as part of this.

I think that's about all we know for now...

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