Blue bugs can fly??? (Destiny)

by Old Fire Thief @, Silverton, OR, Sunday, September 18, 2016, 00:10 (2115 days ago) @ Old Fire Thief

Magnificence 2.0 update:

Report of Bypass Authority Berriole, OS-I6 6, for Owl Sector records, assigned to incident TRANSMISSION.

Shun, Quist, you've gone silent and I don't know why. I am alarmed, but in the absence of updated orders, I am remaining on site to finish extracting the Shirazi logs. I hope that you and the City remain in good health.

Patient A appears to be walking two inches above the ground. It is unclear why this has happened. The soles of her feet have turned blue. She is alarmed and delighted by turn. This of course complicates our strength tests.

Thats officially the only one i want...

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