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What we do know is that The Traveler tried to save us. [image]Both the unreliable narrator in the Pathways out of Darkness video and text on Bungie’s website tells us that The Traveler saved us by making a last stand at Earth. There are further references to a shield of some kind that The Traveler has projected over The City, allowing Humanity to regroup from the devastating attack.

[image]We’ve seen tanks defending at least two Human space ports and we’ve clearly seen that the Russian populace tried to flee towards a space port. Was there something about the attack that made Humanity think that fleeing Earth would do any good?

The attack on Humanity doesn’t seem to have been limited to Earth though. Whether its through concept art or gameplay footage we’ve seen damaged buildings on most of the planets we once owned.

While it’s possible that it was the Cabal, Hive, Fallen, and Vex who devastated our other worlds, that doesn’t seem as likely. Surely Humanity, in the middle of its Golden Age, spread across the system, could hold off forces that The City can engage alone.

It seems likely that there was a good amount of time between The Traveler’s sacrifice and the arrival of The Fallen, Cabal, Hive, and Vex. Bungie’s website clearly tells us that we had time to find The Traveler and build The City beneath it. It also tells us that Exo and Awoken helped in the construction of The City. We know they are trusted enough to be Guardians, and this further reenforces the idea that they likely aren’t second class citizens.

Did any Humans survive outside the protection of The Traveler. We know that some, like the Awoken at the end of the E3 demo, survive outside of The City now and don’t want to be bothered, but what about just after the end of the attacks? Maybe there are a lot more like him scattered across Earth?

The Traveler’s shield likely protects The City from air attacks, and somehow stops enemy ships from jumping in like we saw in the public event. But what about ground attacks? Can The Traveler keep out ground forces? Does The City’s multiple walls give us an answer, or are they there just in case?

[image]The Alpha Lupi desktop seems to imply that The Traveler came to our system because it recognized that we were strong again. Was it The Traveler who drew all these other races to us, or did they come for us alone?

We know that The Traveler fought its last battle above Earth. Was that its only battle or did it have to drive our enemies off world by world?

The Traveler obvious took heavy damage and its shell seems cracked open in some pretty big sections, but is it accessible? If it can keep the enemy out can it do the same to us?

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