Rampant Speculation (Destiny)

by Leviathan ⌂, Hotel Zanzibar, Sunday, September 01, 2013, 20:12 (3912 days ago) @ Ragashingo

I love this line of thinking. Why would we look up at the obviously damaged alien artifact hanging above our planet and place our trust in it? My first instinct would be to fear it!

Except, it does seem to be protecting The City. I think a good clue to look for will be how exactly Guardians get power from The Traveler. If it's some sort of process that The Traveler controls I'd put a bit more trust in its intentions. If it's more us Guardians tapping into its power or obviously stealing it then I'd be more wary. I'm personally hoping that The Traveler was / is on our side. It seems we have enough enemies already, I'd kinda like to have a friend, even if it is a silent one.

I like the idea of the Traveler being a sort of failed 2001-style Monolith. Something that comes to our system to raise us up out of the dirt and into a glorious existence, terraforming planets and creating new life forms. But perhaps he made a mistake, perhaps even gods can overestimate their powers, and what became the Fallen, Cabal, etc. turned against their creator and each other. To make up for his woeful interference, the Traveler sacrifices himself so that humanity, the original inheritors of the Sol System, can survive against an onslaught of his failed creations.

I'd love to journey into the sphere, finding some last glimpse of this regretful presence, that with his last few breaths is still trying to bestow some advantages to City's Guardians. Maybe that's why its time we have to journey out again and reclaim the Sol System, because very soon, we'll be truly on our own.

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