Speculation Saturday #2: The Fall (Destiny)

by yakaman, Saturday, August 31, 2013, 08:25 (3924 days ago) @ Ragashingo

"Legends say The Traveler sacrificed itself to save us. The mysterious sphere still hangs where it made its last stand, low above the Earth, keeping silent watch. The years that followed the collapse of the Golden Age were hard, but slowly we joined together to build a city beneath The Traveler. And now we’ve begun to venture back into the wild only to find we’re not alone. Strange and deadly creatures have occupied our old worlds, and they’re pressing hard against The City, probing for a weakness, trying to stamp us out for good"

First - I love these, and your image analysis.

How did the Traveler save us? Were the baddies an overwhelming force that it wiped up/reduced? If so, why don't the baddies just wait for reinforcement?

I can think of a few possibilities (in addition to the space magic boon the Traveler apparently gives Guardians):

TL:DR - Because humanity is so reduced and destroyed there has to be a story mechanism that limits baddie numbers in some way, and the specific nature of the Traveler's sacrifice may provide a story mechanism to explain.

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