It's not a symmetrical relationship (Destiny)

by Ragashingo ⌂, Official DBO Cryptarch, Sunday, December 15, 2013, 14:09 (3818 days ago) @ scarab

The Darkness benefits from the Traveller's actions.

The T terraforms planets - the D's followers take them over.

It is not in the interests of the D's followers to destroy the T as it is a benefactor for them. It would be in their interests to make use of the D's help to surplant the T's current allies but not to the point of destroying the T. Their interests would be best served by encouraging the T to move on and Terraform other systems.

It may also be more beneficial for those who have been helped by the T to let go of narrow minded territoriality and to join with the D to force the T to move on so that they could colonise more systems. They would have to fight for the new systems and, perhaps, share them with others but a twenty percent stake in 5+ systems is a net gain. If guardians are very good at fighting then they would flourish under those conditions.

Could a T be reprogrammed or persuaded to make more Ts and to terraform uninhabited systems?

And yet a silent and damage Traveler hangs over the City. Maybe the Darkness caught up to the Traveler too soon? Maybe Humanity fought back too well or refused to be turned to the Darkness' side? Maybe this time the Traveler fought back where as before it just moved on?

My current view is that Humanity and the Traveler did not fight the four lesser races, but fought the Darkness itself and just barely won. I think it was only Humanity & Traveler vs the Darkness seeing as a greatly reduced Humanity is able to strike out against the four lesser races during modern day Destiny. One would think that Golden Age Humanity would be able to crush all four at once if the Darkness was not around.

During the battle it sounds like we put up a fight, but on our own would have been no match. We were killed and driven off our worlds and colonies throughout the solar system until a final battle occurred. As a result of that battle both the Traveler and the Darkness were badly hurt, neither one able to continue the fight. Fortunately for the Traveler it still had what was left of Humanity and settled over us to protect us, yes, but also in the hopes that we could help it. Unfortunately the Darkness has its own allies who it has called in. Maybe the four races we are fighting aren't so much here for us, not that killing us isn't the ultimate goal they just have no access to the City at this point, but they're here picking through the remains of our Golden Age in an effort to restore the Darkness in much the same way as we are trying to restore the Traveler.

Perhaps now it's a race between Humanity and the allies of the Darkness to see who can piece their benefactor back together first.

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