Informed Suppositions (Destiny)

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- The Fallen came to our system grouped as Houses. I believe Bungie has even said that these houses sometimes fight among each other. [image]What kind of race travels to another solar system and gets involved in infighting while that are far from home, surrounded by powerful enemy factions, and facing a race with an unassailable stronghold that is getting dangerously close to rediscovering the power of its Golden Age?

- Could The Fallen be less of a military and more of a group of outcasts? In Halo Humanity gave their enemies nicknames (,Splitchins, Jackals, Eggheads) but the names and descriptions of the Fallen Dreg, Vandal and Captain don’t feel as made up to me. Could the Fallen’s forces really be made up of criminals and troublemakers? Perhaps under the supervision or guard of Captains? More on this later…

- Why are The Fallen scavenging for things of ours? They are more advanced than we ever were. We had a Golden Age spanning a single system, they apparently had the ability to travel between systems. Maybe it’s less about improving their technology and more about resources and spare parts?

[image]- Fallen come in a variety of shapes and sizes from the Dreg to Rixis the Archon Slayer. Is that just their normal diversity (Humans come in various sizes too) or is there some sort of genetic engineering / space magic-ing going on there?

- Speaking of diversity, why do Vandals and Captains have four arms while Dreges only have two? As others have noted, Dreges seem to have sealed off stubs where their other two arms would be. Are they young / underdeveloped and thus confined to the lower ranks, or are they perhaps worse criminals who had their extra arms removed as a form of punishment?

[image][image][image]- The House of Devils have their spider tanks known as Devil Walkers but I wonder if other houses have other types of armored vehicles? For instance this walker (on right) shows up twice in Destiny’s concept art. If the different houses do have different weapons and vehicles what does that mean in regards to their politics? Could the different houses be as distinct as our different countries here on Earth?

- This question will come up for every race, but how many ships, and vehicles, and individuals do the Fallen even have? Presumably we’ll be killing and destroying bunches of them, do they have a way to make more? We have a incredibly well defended city capable of producing everything from guns to spaceships to new Guardians. Might we beat the Fallen through simple attrition?

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