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by Ragashingo ⌂, Official DBO Cryptarch, Saturday, September 07, 2013, 11:38 (3917 days ago) @ Ragashingo
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- Fallen? Fallen from what? I have a theory! I submit that the Fallen are a second race that was first helped by The Traveler and was then destroyed by whatever destroyed Humanity. In fact, I submit that The Fallen were in the middle of a Golden Age bigger and longer and even more fantastical than Humanity’s. [image]They didn’t just span their system, they had made it out to the stars. When the enemy came and began destroying them they, like Humanity, tried to flee. Most didn’t make it. Something powerful to crush two Golden Age civilizations and damage The Traveler probably had no trouble picking off those that fled… Except for the ones already far away.

- In my mind the entirety of the Fallen, at lease as we know them in the Sol system, are in fact what’s left of one or more prison colonies on the far edge of Fallen space. Or being somewhat nomadic in the first place they may have had an advantage that the firmly rooted Humanity didn’t. They saw what was happening to their civilization during their Fall and ran for it in the direction of the only thing they thought could save them, The Traveler. Maybe they did so under orders, maybe they did so out of fear, but we’re not talking about a few convicts, we’re talking about one or more planets worth of undesirables and their guards / overseers. It would have been a massive undertaking. Perhaps they had the help of whatever resources the Golden Age Fallen had left. When your civilization is being destroyed and the only ones you think you can save are the criminals you still save them right?

[image]- So these bunches of criminals along with their guards and perhaps even some military units arrive in the Sol system hoping to enlist the help of The Traveler only to find it dead above Earth. Maybe the civilized Golden Age Fallen would have offered Humanity a hand, tried to join force with them to defeat the evil that destroyed both their civilizations, but these Fallen aren’t them. They have some honorable guards and soldiers, yes, but they have many times the number of criminals. And besides, their race is all but destroyed. There is no government to be loyal to anymore. Survival is the most important thing now.

-And double besides, upon arriving in the Sol system they are attacked on all sides! Cabal, Vex, and Hive each tear into them, and the remnants of the nearly destroyed race who have their singular City beneath The Traveler are pushing out with technology and Space Magic that rivals even that of the Fallen's Golden Age. So, in part desperation, part survival instinct, and part criminal fueled greed, the houses of the Fallen dig in and try and win the war against the other races clustered in the Sol system. Their prize will be The Traveler, and perhaps, the power to avenge the deaths of their people.

That's my theory, but what do you think? Is there some evidence I missed? Is there something that's obvious to you that I didn't touch on? I'd love to hear what you think!

Next Saturday: The City
We have a city built up over several hundred years able to hold out against alien forces. But how's that going for us really? I hope you'll join me next week as we again look at The Facts, make some Informed Suppositions, and engage in some reckless Rampant Speculation. Until then:

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