Different Experience (Criticism)

by ManKitten, The Stugotz is strong in me., Wednesday, December 05, 2018, 11:40 (865 days ago) @ squidnh3

I don't see the issue with Bungie giving us a week or so of struggle with the new content - after we are leveled there's no going back to this state.

The issues (which seems to be THE issue with people who see it as an issue) is that that week translates into a lot more than a week. I'm yet to do any raid in D2. In D1, I usually did the raids for the first time a year later because that's how long it took me to level up.

They are changing their mode of release to be faster than I can keep up. And by the time I get to the appropriate light level, everyone else has moved on.

So when they release new content with the mentality of "well it's something to grind for" I respond with "no it's not." Games are my escape. Games are what I do at the end of the night to relax. After all the work and chores and responsibilities are done, I might find 30 minutes before bed to play some games. The most simple statement is, with what Destiny has become, I don't have time for it...I can't keep up.

I'm always down for hopping on with a group to play something because it's fun! But as for playing the game in an effort of progression, I'm done. I've still not gotten a full gambit armor set or a full vanguard set. I've still not gotten a piece of exotic armor or a weapon.

Ever been in that relationship where you get to a point and realize that you've not been happy for a while but you were still holding on to the early part that was amazing? Then you decide to put one last try into it and things are going good but then you fall back into that one old habit and you realize that the relationship is over? I think that's where I am. We've just grown apart. We want different things. :_(

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