Power level idea... (Criticism)

by bluerunner @, Music City, Thursday, December 06, 2018, 07:58 (814 days ago) @ breitzen

So, I thought this up in my 10 minute drive to work this morning. Just posting here tk see if anybody thought ot would be a good idea.

What of they had a set powerful engram level that increased on a set schedule? No matter what your light level going in (assuming you had reached max 1-50 level) you would get powerful engrams at set level each day.
For example:
Black Armory launches with an increase in max light level from 600 to 650.
Day 1 - All powerful engrams drop at 605, regardless of your personal light level.
Day 2 - All powerful engrams drop at 610, regardless of your light level or if you played the previous day.
Day 3 - All powerful engrams drop at 615, regardless of your light level or if you played the previous day.
Day 4 and so on - drops increase by 5 each day.

Raid releases on Day 3 with a light level of 630-640. Everyone who has played can be at 615 with a reasonable amount of playtime. The raid is still challenging, but is available to play for players who have been playing constantly and players who are returning after a break. Larger pool competing for world's first.

By the end of the 2nd week you could be at max power level. I suspect the hardcore grinders will be there by that time anyway under the current system.

Returning players who didn't play days 1-whatever can still level up at an easy pace. Play one day of powerful engram activites and you should be caught up with your friends and ready to raid.

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