Black Armory - Day 6 Impressions (Criticism)

by cheapLEY @, Sunday, December 09, 2018, 21:41 (810 days ago) @ breitzen

Now that I've had some time to level up and tackle the Forge some more, I'm really enjoying it.

I've come close, but still haven't managed to beat the Gofannon Forge (seriously, those Servitors are a pain in the ass). I've completed the Volundr Forge around a dozen times now. It's a really neat activity!

It's a bit disappointing that the only difference between the two available Forges are enemy mixtures. I wasn't expecting, but I was hoping for them to have some mechanical differences, with a unique twist for each one.

In any case, I'm really enjoying the new stuff. The bounties are a cool addition. They're a great mix of doing old stuff to and running the Forge.

I do worry about how fun the Forges will remain once everyone is at or near the level cap--the challenge level seems nearly perfect when just above 610. I hope they remain as fun when they're significantly easier. Blind Well and Escalation Protocol are fun now that they're easily largely because of the large numbers of players and the public nature of the events (at least that's a huge part of it for me), but the Forge doesn't have that to sustain it.

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