As someone who hasn't bought the annual pass yet... (Criticism)

by slycrel ⌂, Wednesday, December 05, 2018, 23:29 (864 days ago) @ breitzen
edited by slycrel, Wednesday, December 05, 2018, 23:37

...I'm sort of glad I haven't after reading this thread. I don't plan on raiding due to logistics and power level -- still more or less blind on the last raid. And I was able to get the quest and go into the annex, but I need the annual pass to go beyond the first visit to the vendor. Clever marketing.

I did get to see that I can't exchange armor mod materials unless I buy the annual pass. It was only a little insulting.

I'll continue to play a few times a week, but I'm disappointed that other than a seemingly better RNG, I'm starting the 560-600 grind from 600-650. Just as I was mostly to a single set of masterwork armor. Ah well.

Maybe the dawning will be a bit better.

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