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by Korny @, Dalton, Ga. US. Earth, Sol System, Wednesday, December 05, 2018, 13:10 (865 days ago) @ breitzen


I ain't even gotta hashtag it.

Anyway, the Annex was a lot bigger than I thought it would be. It feels like 30% more Tower, with some neat visuals here and there... So it's weird that it's entirely lifeless and empty. Not even a single scannable... That said, it's clearly meant to be populated in the future with more vendors and such, so I'm not writing it off as a total waste yet.

Also, it's weird that the long-hidden Golden Age armory is A.) Located in the outer wall of the Tower, built long after the Collapse, and B.) a place that The Spider knew about, but nobody on Earth did (except for the dozens of Guardians who know about it immediately after we do. Guess our Guardian just doesn't know how to keep their mouth shut...


Bleh. I think enough has been said about how underwhelming the Day 1 content is, and how weird that the Tutorial Forge requires grinding at least a dozen light levels worth of Milestones before you can do it, essentially making it so that you can't access much more than the people who didn't shell out $35 for the privilege of seeing that wall...

But keep in mind that there's another one coming on Friday (as well as a raid), so really, you should probably just do what Bungie wants and ignore the new Forge stuff for now. Focus on doing your milestones like normal, and have fun. Those who plan to drop into the new raid, don't expect to beat it the first week, because RNG will be RNG with drops, and your team will probably be all over the place level-wise.

For people who don't play Destiny religiously, but bought the Annual Pass for whatever reason, you just have to wait for a Christmas Story 650LL gun during the Dawning, and just enjoy the fun inherent in the friendgame.

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