Black Armory - Day 1 Impressions (Criticism)

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I've not read anything other than the first paragraph of the original post by breitzen, which is where I'll start from.

I too have been underwhelmed by the day one experience. In thinking about why, it occurred to me that there was no real lead up to anything. It was just - oh go do this!

It's not that we need pomp and circumstance, just that... there were missed opportunities. Of course. Benefit of the doubt says that this stuff was made a year ago, so they coudn't have known what they knew a month ago... but yeah.

So what would have been better? TL;DR: Destiny becomes Harry Potter in the weeks before. Here's a scenario I'm just throwing out straight of my head for this post...

Three weeks ago a generator of some sort stops working, as we're still working out the kinks in rebuilding our tower after The Red War. This puts things in stand-by, we see frames scurrying about, blinking lights indicating a low power mode... a whole shebang.

No doubt, during this time we need to find parts of who knows what in the EDZ. Pretty simple. At the end there an enemy-less storyteller mission with Amanda in some underbelly where Titans can use percussive maintenance, Warlocks can use Arc Based light, and Hunters... I don't know. Use golden gun to intsa-weld something? :P

Lights are on by reset, things reset to what we expect in default... except for one thing. A door control is sparking, and in fact the whole area has been evacuated so that the maintenance frames can figure out what is going on. The Calus bot... at least for this moment is gone (but will be back after...?). The Drifter is back on his ship, replaced by a frame nestled in the connecting tunnels adjacent storage area. Ikora Rey is... thinking... by Cades old spot, and Hawthorn is Chilling in the secret room. "Hey look what I found" she'll say. "I wonder if there any other hidden rooms", she'll tease. And of course, we'll go to the spot that's sparking and we'll see "Press X to..." what have you. "Must have overloaded in the reset" no doubt our ghost, ever the observant one and fan of the obvious will tell us. The door... will then open alarmingly quickly and break. Spark.

Finally! What EVERY GUARDIAN HAS DREAMED OF has occurred... and oh look, no one else around. Neither Guardian, nor... Non-Guardian? Anyway, you go down and explore, or maybe you don't. Either way it's your only chance to see this without anyone else around, because once you leave, by the time you get back it will be public. Yet for this case, you go down. All seems abandoned. Remembrance of what once was.

Then you see an area that looks like a path to something... but only leads to a wall.

You scan it with ghost... "Something not right" he'll say. Something something "energy signature" then too. Then that all leads up to out happy fat friend giving us a shiny card and a name... "The Black Armory".


Nahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Lets just turn on the DLC. That's far more "living world".


...and that my friends is part of why Forsaken was so successful.


As for everything else...Oh...and this game hates me now. Everyone around me is getting Geomag Stabilisers, and I'm getting reeeeeeeeely salty about it. Like, I'm regressing over here. You know what I got last night? I got a master worked RATTLER! Nope, not a year two... year one! Static roll and everything. Got a Masterworked Braytech Osprey too. Year One.

Exotics? Warmind Weapons? Freaking NEW DLC jazz...just...err...NOPE!


I want my OLD RNG back. ;_;

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