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by Korny @, Dalton, Ga. US. Earth, Sol System, Tuesday, February 05, 2019, 07:44 (598 days ago) @ ChrisTheeCrappy
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What do you mean reviving is a "whole mechanic"? I don't know of a BR that doesn't have a revive.

I mean the ability to respawn your teammates after they are killed, not just downed. When your teammate dies, their box will have a respawn token. There are a number of beacons (that look like Bounty Hunt Banks from Titanfall 2) distributed throughout the maps where you can take your teammate's token, and a dropship will bring them back to life.

The mechanic of having to fight off whoever killed your teammate (or waiting for them to move on), making your way to your teammate's token, and then making it to a respawn beacon adds a layer to your movement beyond "hole up in a safe spot" or "move only towards the middle of the circle". And the fact that the beacons are in marked locations on the map means that you may not be completely safe trying to bring someone back, as it takes several seconds of interacting with the beacons for the ship to fly in and drop them off. You then have to help them get kitted out again, so if you had space, you could bring their gear back to them, otherwise, you'll have to help them search for it.

The only other BR that I can remember that tried something similar was Blackout with the limited-time "Down But Not Out" mode, but there was no mechanic beyond "wait for your teammate to respawn at the end of each circle collapse"), so it didn't add much more than extending your playtime in a match.

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