Some more clips... (Gaming)

by cheapLEY @, Monday, February 11, 2019, 12:29 (619 days ago) @ Korny

Assault on that sniper nest:

I noticed you backed out of the box to swap guns for the attachments. You don't actually have to do that! Just hit Y, and your character will swap guns without affecting the inventory menu.

That’s awesome! I did not realize that. I don’t know why I’ve never tried just swapping weapons in that menu.

The rooftop battle:

Sorry that I didn't try to rez you. That Bangalore had a clear Longbow shot on my rock, so I was trying to push in with suppression shots while keeping an eye on the downed guy on the roof.

No worries. You made the right call and took us to a win. I honestly don’t know what I was thinking. I was trying to make it to you and the cover by the cliff, but that was stupid. It’s obviously too far—I should have just dropped off the building and ducked into the door that was right there.

Starting it off right in Runoff:

That looked great from my angle, as you sprinted around the corner after the Wraith and gunshots rang out from offscreen. That's just fun cinematography.

That was a lot of fun in the moment. You can see how effective constantly pinging an enemy while your down is—I’d have had no clue where she was in that smoke.

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