Down/Revive Mechanics (Gaming)

by cheapLEY @, Tuesday, February 05, 2019, 12:59 (598 days ago) @ Blackt1g3r

In all honesty, it's not that much different.

Once you bleed out or an enemy kills you for good then you body leaves behind a marker only your teammates can see and pick up. They then take that marker to a respawn location (there are many but each can only be used once) at which point a dropship brings the player back into the game with no equipment. The respawn locations have some low-level loot surrounding them so it's easy to pick something up and be able to fight again right away but I believe the loot is low-level.

That last paragraph sort of negates the first, doesn't it? I'll admit to not knowing much about other battle royale games, but the other's just flat out don't have actual respawn mechanics, do they? Revive downed squadmates, sure. But actual respawning is a literal game-changer. Korny and I pulled off some key respawns last night (while rushing to beat the circle collapse, too). It was an actual decision point--do we get to that respawn beacon to get our rando squadmate back and risk getting caught in the collapse (which was imminent), or do we get to safety and continue as a duo? That decision just doesn't even exist in the other BR games (again, that I'm aware of).

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