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by Harmanimus @, Monday, February 11, 2019, 13:59 (592 days ago) @ Korny

Even with part of their team off working on a doomed Star Wars title, Respawn is on another level here, akin to Guerilla doing Open World better than devs who "specialize" in the genre.

I think this is not a genuine representation of Respawn as a Developer. It is a separate dev team working on the SW title, which we have no current information that would support it being classified as “doomed” beyond EA mishandling entirey removed SW games.

It is important to understand that because as you cited Guerilla, Respawn didn’t decide to just do this because it was popular. Their Titanfall team felt this was a game worth making and that their ideas for it would be valuable in its greater context. So rather than tack it on to a Titanfall 3 release they put their whole team behind it and it shows.

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