Could not disagree more. (Destiny)

by marmot 1333 @, Tuesday, April 16, 2019, 10:07 (313 days ago) @ Malagate

I've only ever played the first tier. The first time I dropped in I was literally the only person. The second time I dropped in there was one other person and then a third joined. Both of these runs were failures. On my third attempt I actually matched into an in-progress session and was very surprised that apparently there are supposed to be four players.

Tier 1 is super boring. You're fighting the Taken, which you like, but I find them probably the most annoying of the enemy sets. I found the boss shield to be OP.

I was dying a lot and for whatever reason, randos in this mode refused to ever revive me. So I had to wait out the respawn counter, then spawn really far away from combat and spend like 15-20 seconds more to get back to the combat, where often times my teammates had died, aaaand repeat.

For me, Gambit Prime is "meh" so the rewards aren't important.

Anyways, I had such a bad/un-fun experience that I never went back after The Drifter gave me the synth upgrade. It was easy to imagine entering in, failing, losing the synth thingies I bid to get in.

It is intriguing to me that people are comparing it to the raid because Tier 1 is super boring and has no interesting mechanic whatsoever. As far as I could tell it is literally "shoot the taken before the timer counts down."

All that being said, I don't have strong opinions about it. I just think it is boring and prefer a lot of the other activities in the game. I'm glad you like it :)

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