Could not disagree more. (Destiny)

by DiscipleN2k @, Edmond, OK, Tuesday, April 16, 2019, 10:47 (313 days ago) @ marmot 1333

It was easy to imagine entering in, failing, losing the synth thingies I bid to get in.

The "wagering" thing is weird. If you bet a synth and win, you get a piece of armor. If you bet a synth and lose, you get your synth back. The only thing you lose is your time.

It is intriguing to me that people are comparing it to the raid because Tier 1 is super boring and has no interesting mechanic whatsoever. As far as I could tell it is literally "shoot the taken before the timer counts down."

I can't see how anyone could compare The Reckoning to anything raid-like. I've definitely had better luck than it sounds like you've had, and I've managed to knock out a handful of Tier 2 and Tier 3 runs, but nothing ever really gets much more complex than "kill things and try not to die." In fact, they basically split those two objectives up so that the bridge section is "if more than two of you die, you fail" and the third part is either "kill this big thing in three minutes" or "kill this thing first so you can kill that thing faster" depending on the week.

It's OK, but it's not something I'm excited to do just to collect Gambit Prime armor. I have actually enjoyed Gambit Prime, though, so I'll probably keep doing it just because the armor perks can be pretty awesome.


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