Could not disagree more. (Destiny)

by Claude Errera @, Tuesday, April 16, 2019, 11:30 (313 days ago) @ DiscipleN2k

It was easy to imagine entering in, failing, losing the synth thingies I bid to get in.

The "wagering" thing is weird. If you bet a synth and win, you get a piece of armor. If you bet a synth and lose, you get your synth back. The only thing you lose is your time.

Unless you get distracted and forget to recover your synth before the bank opens again. Once it's open, your synth is gone. (Forever.)

I'd scoff at that qualification... if I hadn't lost a couple of dozen synths this way over the last few weeks. :(

It is intriguing to me that people are comparing it to the raid because Tier 1 is super boring and has no interesting mechanic whatsoever. As far as I could tell it is literally "shoot the taken before the timer counts down."

This isn't quite right. You can shoot the Taken all day and not actually complete the level, if you don't notice that it's really only multikills that are advancing the counter. Team-shooting is critical, and supers are critical. A well-organized team can finish the round in less than 2 minutes. A poorly-organized group of whatever size can hit the 6-minute mark with 10% (or less) on the counter.

I wouldn't call it 'raid-like'... but it's not as simple as 'shoot stuff before the timer runs out'.

I can't see how anyone could compare The Reckoning to anything raid-like. I've definitely had better luck than it sounds like you've had, and I've managed to knock out a handful of Tier 2 and Tier 3 runs, but nothing ever really gets much more complex than "kill things and try not to die." In fact, they basically split those two objectives up so that the bridge section is "if more than two of you die, you fail" and the third part is either "kill this big thing in three minutes" or "kill this thing first so you can kill that thing faster" depending on the week.

Eh. The Knights on Tier III need to be dealt with separately; knock both of their helmets off simultaneously, and you have to be REALLY good (or really lucky) to finish. Work on them serially and they're not bad - but that takes skill, and awareness. (As in, don't tether them on the first encounter, because then all damage is shared. And so on.)

Likewise, Oryx has some mechanics that keep teams on their toes, even when they know about 'em.

I'm not saying it's a super-fun mode; I'd agree that things like the Shattered Throne (and Raids) are far more repeatable without getting boring. I'm saying it's not quite as simplistic as it's being painted in this thread. (That said, it's not super-fun, imo. There are too many 'crap, this is an auto-wipe' circumstances for that. Stomp mechanics on a narrow bridge? Fuck that noise.)

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