At least one more. (Destiny)

by Ragashingo ⌂ @, Official DBO Cryptarch, Wednesday, October 28, 2020, 17:23 (324 days ago) @ Kermit

Don't let my lapse of discretion contribute to your discouragement in any way. I thought you were an admin now, too, but maybe you're a news poster whatchamacallit, instead--a role in which you've done great work. You should have your name in lights like everyone else. We all have lapses, but your positive contributions here been the best of the best. I'd be really sad were you to leave and not come back, especially if a post of mine validated that decision.

Heh. They wouldn't make me an admin. They fear I'd instantly ban Cody the next time he reminds us of how many days its been since he's played Destiny. (They're probably right.)

The About Page is an interesting point. By my count, between one and four of the twelve people listed can plausibly count as active and involved with the community here anymore. But, I haven't looked at that page for longer than I can remember. Me being on there or not being on there has never factored into anything I did. And... at this point, what would be the point? One extra person can't hold up a community.

At the end of the day, DBO is basically dead. And it's not any one person's fault. The internet has changed a lot, even since Destiny's launch. People prefer larger groups like Reddit... but you know what? This place hasn't even tried to be alive or welcoming in a long time. It takes dedication and effort and a special spark to remain relevant in this day of FaceTube groups and InstaTweets and TumblingRedditors... and we don't have it here. If we don't stand out in some way, if we aren't overwhelmingly welcoming, or don't show some special expertise or experience or aspect that's hard to find elsewhere... then why are we here other than inertia?

As far as Korny is concerned, it was his glee back in April that there hadn't been any front page posts in well over a year despite him having the ability to make them that saw me ask Claude for access to post on the Front Page. Since then, I made 12 posts, several of which covered neat things people here in our community did. I'd have done more, but it was a bit discouraging to be the only news poster when twelve people total have accounts. And then Korny posts and links to his own cynicism! The first post not me in almost two years and it leads to one of the most discouraging aspects of our community... That's a great look for anybody who finds our community! That'll get them to stay and to contribute, for sure!

I gave Claude some self imposed conditions when I asked for access. Quoting directly from that email:

1. I won’t be hyperactive about updating it. I won’t risk burning out on it. I’m thinking between one and three updates a week at most as Destiny news justifies.
2. I’d like to do general Destiny news and feature interesting posts and videos from our own community, mostly.
3. I specifically will not post about myself. If someone else wants to recognize Bite-Sized Backstory or anything else I’ve done, great, but I don’t want to use the DBO front page as just a place to publicize myself. It’s for our community first and foremost.

I kinda think The Front Page is something of a measure of the health of our community. For me, at least, doing something good enough to be recognized on HBO or DBO is what drove me in my early internet days to improve my writing and dig into lore and all that. We kinda don’t have that right now. I’d like to help start that again.

I tried to help out, and really nothing came of it. And I can't do it all alone. And when the next poster is someone promoting their own dislike of the studio that this site is formed around... Really, is it too much to ask for people who have been given the ability to represent this community to actually like the game and respect the community they represent? Right now, I think that answer is: Yes. It is too much to ask.

And, as long as that answer remains yes, I don't want to be here.

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