You can't write a better line to precede it... (Destiny)

by uberfoop @, Seattle-ish, Saturday, April 09, 2022, 01:41 (47 days ago) @ Kermit
edited by uberfoop, Saturday, April 09, 2022, 02:18

...because there isn't a line preceding it. Arby is responding to the Chief having charged forth and stuck a pistol into his mouth. He gave himself up to avoid escalating the moment, and the "it" is the Chief getting the better of him.

Arby is not primarily making a response to Johnson. The camera even cuts Johnson out of the frame with the appropriate timing to make it look like Arby is slamming the line straight at the Chief's face. There's some ambiguous potential for secondary meaning with respect to Johnson's line, but it's not where the main energy of the scene is going.

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