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(Alternative title - "Language Rigidity".)


Geez, are we Halo fans or what! What a stupid conversation. What a STUPID hill to die on.

...sO aNyWaY hErE iS mY tWo cEnTs. :P

Let me just throw this out here right now; "Were it so easy" is my favorite line of the entire series. Yes, even more than "Tank beats everything" or "Don't make a girl a promise...", which while very wise, is not as usefully quotable in the everyday quite like "Were it so easy". Something where I can bring both meaning and a little joy from my fandom heart.

By the time I finish, it should be clear why, so let's just start this off in ernest by saying with the warmest heart; Kermit, brother, what am I reading here?

You mind if I guess? OH YOU DON'T MIND! Fantastic! What a fan-tastic conversation. ;D

This WHOLE thing is "Old man yells at cloud". It's not about age, but all about being frustrated that this idiom can't be crammed into some sort of self(?) defined box that, as far as I can tell, is just irrational. Which, hey, again, not a hit on you... just on the take. I've been sitting here reading this and every counter you bring is either more convoluted or so nit-picky that the meat of whatever argument that is trying to be made is no longer recognizable to what it was ever before.

... Which I KNOW, FANDOM, but ... ... ...DANG. LOL.

"Were it so easy" WORKS BECAUSE it's so simple. And, for WHATEVER reason Kerm, that simplicity seems to gnaw on ya. Which, I gotta say, is odd as ALL THE CONTEXT needed for the message is right there on the screen. Nothing more needs to be said but those four words, but it seems you're bent on interjecting SOMETHING more into the line, that... simply isn't.

Let just, look. Plain and simple, bone and stone (shut-up bluerunner) simplicity of what we have on screen.

Chief has a GUN in ARBYS mandibled clamshell. WHAT MORE IS NEEDED?! You brought up Johnson having some line, but IT literally DOESN'T MATTER! That may bother you, and you're gonna have to deal with it, but its an easy math; GUN IN FACE > Paraphrased "Why can't we all be friends!"

It would be true in real life, and it's true here. And it's so true, in fact, that in or out, there or not, Johnson doesn't matter. What Johnson says is of pure irrelevance, no "wishing" required. The meaning of Arbys first words are the same either way, there or not. Arby isn't talking to Johnson, Arby is talking to Chief. The guy with the FREEK'n gun in his four way pie hole. (Shut-up bluerunner.)

"Were it so easy".

What is it? REALLY?! Is that REALLY a question that needed to be ASKED?! Did I mention the GUN in his face? But hey, fine, lets just boil it down.

In short, it's a "as if you'd get so close otherwise". OH! BUT YOU SAID OTHERWISE! That means Johnson IS relevant and-NO! Not done. It's saying, not only "as if you'd get so close otherwise", but also calls into question; As if Chief could spring into some bravado action and just press a weapon to a head of an Elite. Which, as you may remember, are QUITE spry for 7.5-8.6 feet/2.2m-2.6m tall bipeds. If the relationship was different, the line could also have been something along the same idea as "you can't be serious right now".

"Were it so easy", to kill an Elite. His action in abstaining, short of his line, means he is a friendly or at least, not a foe. Because, again,"Were it so easy".

Johnson isn't needed. ALL the context is right there IN THE MOMENT.

In so many words "Were it so easy" says EVERYTHING. It's a keystone moment that sets the tone. Which is of course WHY I like it as it does this and more with such simplicity, as I in turn can be so... much... but anyway...

With "Were it so easy" here, well... as if it was so easy to kill Master Chief John-117. And since it's an elite, I think it also fair to say such line is out of respect for John, which in turn speaks about Arbys character, and... ALL FROM FOUR WORDS! Plus it's a call back to the start of the game for some cheap "art! "oh-muh-gerd-he-said-that-at-the-beginning" easy cheese, but... it's good! It WORKS!

And again, it says EVERYTHING, with but the same four words. It's beautiful.

Now, you don't have to agree, that's fine. You may still SOMEHOW find it "sloppy and confusing". Fine. But please at least understand WHY so many of us are (if I may be so bold to speak) scratching our heads as you defend this hill as if you were the king of it.

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