The DBO Challenge - Week 5: Imaginary Arsenal

by ncsuDuncan @, Tuesday, April 30, 2013, 20:54 (4045 days ago)


This challenge wrapup needs a rewrite.
Two weeks without winners or insight?
I swear I'm not lazy
my schedule's so crazy
that penning this rhyme took a fortnight.

Once again, I apologize for my tardiness in delivering the latest installment of the DBO Challenge. I'll try harder to keep to a weekly schedule. :)

Anyways, below are Week 4's bonus winners; I highly recommend you go back through the Week 4 thread and read the rest of the entries as well - there were a ton of great limericks!

Category: Gnop!, Operation: Desert Storm, or Minotaur

A white ball and a black backdrop,
If skillful there's no need to stop,
Obtuse angles he bounces,
Poor players he trounces,
All thanks to a game called GNOP.
- Chewbaccawakka

Category: Pathways Into Darkness or Marathon:

Blam your mom dink ling ling se7en
Waiting up there in the heavens
The aliens board
Stopped by a cyborg
Carrying more than 2 weapons
- Cody Miller

Category: Myth or Oni

Konoko could break your neck with ease,
Doing acrobatics sans trapeze.
Her boss, his hair like Bozo,
Took her side 'til she went rogue,
Sounding, oddly enough, just like Keyes.
- Kermit

Category: Halo

The battle was not going well
They were blowing our ships all to hell
She went for a stroll
According to Cole
And that was the day that Reach fell
- Stephen Laughlin

"Best" overall:

I'll trade in my armor for robes
And a starship for orbiting globes
But I'm keeping my gun,
it's best on the run
For exploding occipital lobes
- ManKitten

The DBO Challenge Leaderboard has been updated to reflect Week 4's participation and bonus category wins. Please glance over it and make sure I've awarded each of you the proper number of points.

The two randomly selected winners for the Master Chief avatar armor:

Keep an eye on your email inbox for the codes!


Deadline: 6:00pm EDT on Tuesday, May 7th.

Your challenge this week is to invent a new weapon for Destiny.

1. Give your weapon a name.
2. Include a drawing of it. (MS Paint, Photoshop, pencil and paper, ANYTHING)
3. Describe how the weapon works. (Is it a gun? A sword? A giant slingshot that launches stiff-armed developers at your opponents?)
4. Write a short description of the weapon's history. (What planet can it be found on? Who were its last owners? What modifications has it received?)

You can be as serious or comical as you like. If you really dislike drawing, a paragraph describing the weapon's appearance will suffice.

5. After you've posted your entry, pick someone else's entry and post a reply to it with your own drawing or story using their weapon design. How would it look in the hands of a new owner?

Points Available:
1 point for your own entry
1 point for posting a creative reply to someone else's entry

If you've forgotten what these DBO Challenge Points are used for, be sure to re-read the prize section from the Week 1 thread.

This week's entries must be posted (in this thread) by 6:00pm EDT on Tuesday, May 7th. I will then update the leaderboard and post a recap with the Week 6 challenge (I promise!). Have fun!

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