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------- TL;DR – Epilogue :: Let the Learning Begin -------

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So there you have it! In this tome I have expressed:


All in all. I think I made a complete package here. Apologies for its length.

After that all I have left is little nitpicky things. Don't maps imply exploration? Don't ships and whatever sail they muster imply exploration? Is anyone else here worried that they already ran out of names? Sunbreakers and Sunbraker? Really? Seriously?! DBO has done better with names. Does anyone here miss the Pause button? Oh! And are we ever going to get Railguns?

I know there is gold in ‘em blotches of text. I think in the end something about Destiny can be further improved with help from my observations, presuming of course, Bungie hasn't thought of it already. 500 people... and all that. I have mentioned these all things as honestly and as raw as I could. In someways it could be considered that it doesn't matter if I'm right or wrong. This is what I think, and I hope Bungie can use it to make a better game. If it turns out that the only thing we learn is that I really am just madder than a hatter, well then so be it. If I never do another thing with Bungie again, so be it. I am now content.

*Deep Breath*

So there you have it. At one point I had another Addendums filled with my ideas, and even a fan story but I cut it. I cut a bunch of things actually. Such bunches of text can be other posts for another time. All said… IT IS DONE. ...

OH! Wait!

cheapLEY demanded royalties. Here cheaply. This is for you. I found it on the internet.


Done. ;)

Thanks All. I’m… I’m going to go lie down. What do warlocks drink? Maybe I should think about it?Another time perhaps. For now this is MEGA POST is done.

It’s done. See you when I see you.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


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