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------- Chapter 11 :: Year 1 PVP and My Love of Videogames -------

Sans a few moments in the Beta, I have not touched PvP for Year One. I have expressed this repeatedly on this forum, most recently here, and at the earliest during the beta. I would like to state why.

Why so Serious?

In short, believe it or not, when I am playing a video game I'm not doing it to be the best there ever was. When I am playing a video game its more as one would do when reading a book. Be it an objective in a story or simply for the joy of learning, the joy of asking questions, that is why I play videogames. It's in part Biowares fault. I recently heard a straight up rumor that KOTOR might get remade. Like flys to shit, shut up and take my money!

I digress. Where was I? Oh!

I play videogames for the experience for being there without being there. For the love of the moment. I play videogames because in their own little way, as much as a story book does, they can take you to ... where ever. Things can be explored and altered that otherwise would be immutable in a book. I've leaped across skyscrapers, I've traveled to points throughout our galaxy, and soon in the next one. I've been a Jedi and fought Sith. I've joined 3rd echelon and saved the world in secret. I've traveled Roma, and seen Italy in its renaissance. I've gone under the sea and into the sky and learned about the meaning of men and monsters. I've been asked questions never asked in scenarios I would have never of experienced without the craft and skill of others imagination. Yet... that imagination... has been shared... with me. That imagination has been shared with me. Is that not... just the most awesome thing ever! I get to explore the collective imagination instead of just witnessing it.

Oh!...And of course, I finished the fight.

One of the biggest things I expected and wanted out of Destiny was the ability to explore. TO find story. To search and cleave through a world for...whatver. To find hidden doors, and unlock secret passages. Then I would go out onto the net and go "HEY! Look what I found!". (Wait.. we have a front page?)

For example:




Admittedly it's also because of the ...artist?... in me. I love seeing others creativity. It's another reason why I love videogames, with all its layers and layers of art and design. Even the math is pretty cool. I have no idea what it’s saying right now…but it does cool stuff. That’ll do. It's a playground. Or a sandbox. Just So!

This preference was not a sudden realization though. From just playing different types of videogames I have learned what I, for whatever reason, find to be fun. I have learned what my brain likes to do during a state of downtime, which if you think about the concept is just wild. The brain thinking about its self. OooooOOOooo... tingly.

I think Year One Multiplayer was over all, too much of the same thing for me. I've played Slayer and King of the Hill many many times. While it may be a different game, it just doesn't catch my interest like it used too. In fact I feel I can say that Year one multiplayer had NO appeal to me. Yet interestingly enough, the only armor I wanted the most from Destiny in year one I could never get in principle. The Iron Regalia Vestments for my Warlock. In this aspect I found aggravation. Is "makeing" me do something I don't want to do, for something I want to get fun? Part of me feels that there are a number flaws in that question, yet I find the question interesting. Interpret it as you will.

Unfortunately, by not playing year one multiplayer I also rebuke the offical ability be called an "Ultimate Bungie Fan" of sorts. This is because I refused to play something that I had no urge nor want to play. Since everything seems to stack in Destiny, I can see the possibility in 9 years down the line of Bungie thanking those who completed all these things in the past, and because of such things this will come back to bite me because I did not play something that had no appeal me. Mayhem for Year Two does have me intrigued though, but I know you can't please everyone. So be it. Doesn't make it suck less thoug-... wait... WHAT!


“The Crucible Preview Event will take place from September 8th to September 14th. Go and get yourself an early taste of some Rift! And follow it up with a heaping helping of Mayhem!”

“The Moments of Triumph have been extended to September 14, 2015 at 11:59 PM PDT (6:59 AM UTC). You can check your progress by visiting the Moments of Triumph progress page as part of your Legend.”

AAAAAAAAHH!! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

So... uh... DBO. Who here thinks I can get 100 wins in a week?

Originally this part of the post said this:

To which, in the oddest sort of segway, I would like to thank you DBO. I know all I needed to do is ask and some would be more than willing to team up with me. I thank you. To this I take as granted.


I feel that because the way I enjoy games seems to be different then how most of you seem to enjoy playing multiplayer that I don't want to impede on your fun because of my style of play. I don't care about winning or losing, it's about the play its self. That's it. I must admit, Year two multiplayer has me intrigued. I may actually for the first time since the beta, play multiplayer in Destiny. Perhaps.

We’ll see.

(Indeed. So ..um... wow. Due to the information given in the "Bungie Weekly Update - Sep 3" and the whole... Marty thing... I pushed this out a week earlier then I had planned. Had to cut the sound portion. Really bummed about that. SO... DBO. Who here is willing to assist me try to make 100 wins in a week? ;D )


------- Chapter 12 :: Metaphor & Myth -------

-------------Ozymandias by Horace Smith
---------IN Egypt's sandy silence, all alone,
------Stands a gigantic Leg, which far off throws
---------The only shadow that the Desert knows:—
------"I am great OZYMANDIAS," saith the stone,
---------"The King of Kings; this mighty City shows
------"The wonders of my hand."— The City's gone,—
---------Nought but the Leg remaining to disclose
------------The site of this forgotten Babylon.
------We wonder,—and some Hunter may express
------Wonder like ours, when thro' the wilderness
------Where London stood, holding the Wolf in chace,
-------He meets some fragment huge, and stops to guess
--------What powerful but unrecorded race
----------Once dwelt in that annihilated place.


------- Chapter 13 :: Are you sure you want to read this? -------

For the entirety of my enrolled tenure here at DBO, I've been surrounded by peers of both a VFX and Videogame verity. Of all these people around me, I was unofficially known as the Destiny guy. I wore my enthusiasm for Destiny on my shoulder. For Bungie on my shoulder. Bungie is why I am here. Halo is why I am here. Shoot, even representatives of Bungie got to see me wearing my alarmingly infinite enthusiasm on my sleeve. I wanted to thank Bungie for doing good work by helping it make more.

So let's get real. Here is the conclusion. Here is where you take ALL THIS MASS of words and bits of simplicity nonsense that I failed to clarify unawares, tie it up in a pretty bow, and squeeze it to see what drips out. What was Destiny Year One? Heh, if only that question want so poignant to me.

The result? After digging deep I find that I just... I don't care about Bungies Destiny anymore. In a way, that is complete nonsense, I mean - shit - look around. I just made a small book talking about Destiny, and that's just the stuff that made it! That I didn't cut. Yet I didn't make this because I care about Destiny. I made this because I care about Bungie. I am a Bungie fan, and I couldn't part - if that is to happen - without first doing my absolute utmost to ... I don't know... be heard. I want to help Bungie succeed. So... for Destiny "the Game", I feel nothing. At this point I'm not even hyped about... well... I'm going too far ahead. Let's just say that this is the worst possible result for a fan. It's not love. It's not hate. It's... indifference. I feel nothing. Ho-ly shit.

Such is an extreme that I never even fathomed I would conclude at. After having all these hopes for Destiny, part me going "Oh the next DLC" will have it, or fix it, or story story something dark side something. Yet my hopes being dashed again and again. I got... I got numb. As you read this please realize this is not some singular thing. It is a mass of things. A stacking of pin pricks and stabs that started at Year Zero. Things the made me say, “this doesn't feel right”. “This doesn't feel like the Bungie I knew”. So here I am asking myself why I put in all my chips... why didn't I take the blue pill... et cetera et cetera et cetera.

Don't read too much into this, but I once knew a foster child who was hated by his mother. Beat the shit out of h'm intill the system stepped in. Even though he was now long in a loving home, he still had battle scars. Whenever you raised your hand - he would flinch slightly, every time. Right now with Destiny - I feel like I want to flinch. This is where communication would have helped. Just saying "We are the fans" , "We care" is not enough. Bungie loves Latin so try this : Acta non verba.

Yet all is not lost. I have been watching, as indeed mentioned. As Bungie presented The Taken King, I have been pleased to see that a grand grand number of my game play grievances both mentioned and otherwise for Year One has been seemingly fixed in Taken King. In many ways I feel that same twinge I felt a year ago, but much more subdued and subtle. Even though I'm not hyped nor even excited, I found myself saying this will be fun. Bungie can do it!


...it goes cold. It's because, in a way that's how I felt... a year ago (and more).

That sucks.

I want to be excited, ...but I can't. I bought something in confidence as a fan, and I genuinely still feel like I'm waiting to see Year One. So... now I have to throw down more cash to play the game I thought Bungie was selling a year ago? ... No. Sorry bub.

I gave Bungie my care as a fan, and Bungie soiled it in the worst way. Bungie fucked it over. Bungie might have fixed everything and made Destiny into the most amazing game ever now. I don't care. Bungie fucked it over. I know ... well I don't know, but I still am giving for some reason the benefit of the doubt that this isn't what Bungie wanted. At this point I am simply playing to tie up loose ends. I invested 800 + Hours into Destiny hoping it would get better. I have no idea where I found that time, maybe it's from all the non-existent lunch times I have missed. Anyway, I play right now because I might as well do what I can while I can.

At one point before it got cut, I had this huge metaphor for the Grimore and Destiny Year One as a whole. The metaphor was based off a fancy restaurant. Skipping all that to the point, If you go into a fancy restaurant you probably have a certain degree of expectation. If those expectations aren't met what would you do? Would you still return to that restaurant?

I feel that over all Destiny for Year One confirmed that 6 from Polygon. Not just alone but as an average for year one. Bungie as a studio earned it. They earned it with communication, not in what they said but what they didn't. They earned it with game play, not with... well sort of... what they made but what they didn't. They earned it by selling something that should have been, but was yet... not. More than ever I uttered to myself "How did this get past testing"? Pro tip: Rahool is a scapegoat.

On top of that Bungie couldn't even PRESENT The Taken King without some sort of clusterfuck! I look at this past year and I'm wondering what is going on over at Bungie? Even though Taken King is receiving positive preliminary reviews, and what has been presented does look promising, but I'm expecting shit to go down when Taken King launches because that has been Bungies pattern in this last year.

That's fucking sad. As a fan it hurts my heart. Bungie has all this capability and... I just don't understand. :(

I mean. … … Shit.

I just explained everything... and I'm asking myself how it came to this. Fuck.

To that end, I link to a post made by Revenant1988. His post is called What if destiny sucks? It was made February 12, 2013. No real detail, but I think it interesting to give it a look for old times' sake.


------- Click here for TL;DR – Epilogue -------

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