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Ragashingo Yes, Bungie probably didn't tell us about no third Raid soon enough. If my theory about PoE being the third raid is true then they also probably didn't explain why there was no third Raid anywhere near well enough. But, at the same time, I simply cannot understand getting so angry at not receiving a feature that you were never promised. Written and then scathing posts? Headache inducing facepalms? Last straws? Based merely on incomplete, out of date leaked info and unsupported expectation? I am of the opinion that a lot of the scathing criticism that is held against Bungie should really be turned back on players and fans who overreacted and blew this issue way out of proportion.

cheapLEY: This is my biggest issue with all the negativity surrounding Destiny. In my limited experience, most of it is based on incomplete information and assumptions. Expectations for things that were never promised or intended. In this instance, it's perhaps more true than in general. Bungie never so much as mentioned a Raid for HoW, yet everyone took it for granted that we'd have one. It's the kind of attitude that has pervaded every aspect of Destiny: people building their expectations up as gospel for what Bungie promised, even when they did no such thing.


While I do mention a number of times in my post about expectation (and it's pitfalls), there is an important distinction that seems I did not word thoroughly enough, soon enough, though I did try.

Key phrases of which being:

So with the announcement of no raid, there was also a mentioning of the "Prison of Elders". It was this that got me so angry.

... While the masses outside DBO were bitching about No Raid, I was bitching in my aforementioned unposted post about no communication about the raid.

The problem with bringing this up now instead of then is that posts that acted as a catalyst to my reaction grew cold and "hidden" into the net. My reaction stemmed from witnessing, again and again, the general outcry of various forums. Everything simply came to a head at House of Wolves. Little things where had due diligence been made, things may have turned out less sour. You are right, and I commend your points given in your post Ragashingo. There was expectation for the next raid even though there shouldn't have been. Yet - that is the issue.

Again it's not the topic it's self that got me so burned.

It's that it seems to me, instead of responding and doing damage control beforehand, Bungie is just reacting after the damage is done. That's how I got to my end conclusion. To me that is sloppy. If it happened only every now and again... not big deal.


Arbitrarily speaking - Fool me once. Twice. Three times? Four times!? Five?!?!? What the...

If I had the helm I would have done something. I don't know what limits DeeJ & urk have, but in simply for the sake of presenting my thoughts I gave my idea to help further establish my concerns; Hence what I have presented in Chapter 7. It just felt like... a bunch of amateurs are behind the wheel. I feel could do better even though I have no idea what I'm doing.

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