Great post. Not sure if I should reply to the whole thing.. (Fan Creations)

by marmot 1333 @, Thursday, September 10, 2015, 17:59 (3173 days ago) @ Fuertisimo

... but you admit something went wrong?

Out of this whole thread, this lines really bothered me. If you don't like Destiny, OK, whatever. Maybe you think "something went wrong." But then it feels like you take it a step further and want everyone to agree that "something went wrong."

When I started thinking about that response and what those words mean, it became almost comical. In one of the largest video games ever released, did something go wrong? Of course! It would be completely delusional to think that nothing went wrong.

But, the question then becomes: does that matter? I tend to say, no.

I like the game. I've played it a lot. Could parts be better? Sure. I truly believe that parts of the game, particularly the vault of glass, are the pinnacles of gameplay experience of my entire lifetime.

Reading some of this stuff, it feels like there is still anger about what the game is and what people think it should have been. I'm not angry about how I think the game should have been or how it is. I dislike this he-said, she-said, good-developers-do-this, bungie-did-that narrative that people are spinning, and I tend to agree with Kermit's post: this stuff feels like gossip.

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