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Guardian Radio Tackles HoW Lore

Over on the Guardian Radio Podcast, Byf has kicked off a fascinating series of segments focused on the House of Wolves lore, as laid out in the Grimoire cards and in the game. If you've found the cards hard to dig into... this is for you. (If you love the cards, this is for you, too.) Go listen! Thanks to Vortech for pointing this out (and linking to the exact start of the segment in the recent 'cast).

Claude Errera | Jun 13, 2015 11:59 pm | link

Guardian Radio Episode 97

It's been a little while since we mentioned the Guardians of Destiny (it was all the way back in November, actually), but we're doing it again - and not just because they had me on as a guest. Episode 97 was recorded last night, and topics of discussion included Destiny's place in the Bungie universe, Xur's randomness, and the underappreciated glory of Destiny's Grimoire. Go listen! (Thanks to Craig for the invite!)

Claude Errera | Feb 3, 2015 01:06 pm | link

Guardian Radio Episode 86

As usual, roland stopped by the forum to inform us that the latest episode of Guardian Radio has been posted on their site! This week they had Rob Adams, an Environment Artist at Bungie, visit the show. Great listen!

Xenos | Nov 12, 2014 08:21 am | link

Guardian Radio Episodes 77 & 78

Whoops! We missed posting about Guardian Radio Episode 77 last week! I wonder what we were doing... Also roland let us know about Episode 78, and here is his description:

Destiny has been deployed and this week we officially come to you LIVE from the Tower. This week we catch you up on the latest news surrounding the game and then dive in to our first impressions of the game. With one week under our belts we have a lot to say about Bungie’s shared world shooter. We share both the good and the bad but see that this is clearly a fantastic starting point for what is sure going to be one hell of a ride for the next 10 years.

Xenos | Sep 17, 2014 11:48 am | link

Guardian Radio Episode 76

As usual roland stopped by our forums to inform us about another great episode of Guardian Radio! Since this is their last episode before the launch they cover their launch day plans, as well as covering the latest news on Destiny. Go give it a listen!

Xenos | Sep 3, 2014 11:57 am | link

Guardian Radio Episode 64

g_o_d.jpgRoland let us know that the latest episode of Guardian Radio is out:

This week we share with you all our E3 plans. If you missed the announcement on Twitter this past week, Mark and Craig are two of the Destiny Mentors who have been teased by DeeJ in the past few Bungie Weekly Updates. Sitting in with the crew is Cozmo, founder of the Subreddit and another member of the Bungie E3 Mentor team. He helps us break down the latest Bungie Weekly Update, the latest Destiny news, and answer your questions and comments.

Whoa, that Bungie E3 Mentor team sounds pretty cool! Rumor has it one of the unmentioned team members is astonishingly handsome, humble, and subtle. Then again, there are always a ton of ridiculous rumors before E3...

ncsuDuncan | Jun 3, 2014 10:19 pm | link

Guardian Radio Episode 63


In the latest episode of Guardian Radio, the crew is joined by "Master of Blood" from StarSide Echoes (a Playstation clan) to discuss Friday's Bungie Weekly Update and the recent rumblings of the employee-only Destiny Alpha. Go listen! (Thanks, roland.)

ncsuDuncan | May 28, 2014 08:51 pm | link

Guardian Radio Episode 61


Purebred rock hound roland let us know that the latest episode of Guardian Radio is now available; this week the guys are joined by community member Rex Smaals of PrimeGuard/PrimeCast to discuss the usual slate of Destiny news and BWU breakdowns. Give it a listen!

ncsuDuncan | May 14, 2014 10:42 pm | link

Guardian Radio Episode 56


This week's recording of Guardian Radio was exceptionally awesome - I should know, because I was there! You can download the episode at the Guardians of Destiny website, or watch a video version (with chat) over on Youtube. Be sure to leave a nice comment applauding the show's sudden rise in quality of guest appearances!

ncsuDuncan | Apr 8, 2014 09:30 pm | link

Guardian Radio .5

g_o_d.jpgThe Guardians of Destiny just debuted Guardian Radio .5 - a "bite-sized" podcast that covers the week's latest stories. This week the crew covers a few Destiny related articles, the latest Bungie mail sack and highlights what's been going on around the Destiny community. Go listen!

colindosaj | Apr 20, 2013 04:17 pm | link

Guardian Radio Episode 3


The Guardians of Destiny released the third episode of their Guardian Radio podcast - they cover the latest mail sack, newly released concept art and discuss the idea of aiming down the sights being in Destiny. Go listen! Thanks, Cambone.

colindosaj | Mar 11, 2013 03:31 am | link

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